Not exclusive to big brands, nowadays even smaller brands employ influencer marketing as a contemporary approach to promote their products and services. Because obviously the trend of influencer marketing is reshaping the way brands market themselves. They know what influencer marketing is up to and what worth it holds for both them and their consumers. While this tactic holds immense potential for expanding brand visibility and engagement on social media, it might not give you results of even a penny! Though it is understandable that influencer marketing takes time to deliver sales and conversions, you need to be aware of these 4 signs that can or are leaving you off the train’s track.

You are not getting expected conversions:
Sign: If you notice consistently low likes, comments, and shares on influencer posts, it suggests a lack of audience engagement. Effective influencer marketing should lead to meaningful interactions. If your chosen influencers aren’t generating engagement, it indicates a misalignment between the content, the influencer, and the target audience. High time you should revisit your strategy and make the necessary modifications. Think if you actually set clear goals before starting your influencer marketing campaign.

You are not using Data and Analytics:
If you’re not utilizing data and analytics to measure the success of your influencer campaigns, you may miss valuable insights.Monitoring key performance indicators (KPIs) is essential for understanding the impact of your campaigns. If you’re not analyzing the data, you may overlook areas for improvement. Use analytics to track engagement, reach, and conversions, enabling data-driven optimizations.

Absence of Authentic Storytelling:
Often while scrolling through Instagram, we find creators posting monotonous content on their page without any sensational element. These types of contents have a higher chance of duping brands with less engagement and inauthenticity. Their content feels forced or extremely unnatural.
This might feel like a failure to brands. Marketers need to outline the type of deliverables they expect from the influencers which might include storytelling techniques, voice-overs, inserting trending audios, catchy visuals according to the theme in their reel concepts.

Remember: The first five seconds of an influencers’ reel can either earn golds or could even ruin the presentation of the entire video.

You’ve overemphasised Follower Count of Influencers:
How many times have you prioritized influencers solely based on their follower count before shortlisting their profile? A large following doesn’t guarantee campaign success. Instead the entire play is of your brand’s target demographic and whose engagement metrics demonstrate an authentic connection with their followers. Influencers’ relevance and engagement contributes big to any campaign’s success.

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