Coffee shops have become increasingly popular workspaces for freelancers, remote workers, and even employees looking to escape the office for a change. The cozy ambiance and free Wi-Fi make coffee shops an interesting option, for those seeking a comfortable environment to work or network.

However, while coffee shops offer a casual and relaxed setting, they often lack the proper setup and amenities required for conducting productive meetings or collaborating effectively with colleagues or clients. Despite the perceived affordability compared to co-working spaces or traditional offices, the costs associated with working from coffee shops can quickly add up, making them a less economical choice than many assume. This blog outlines the essential break-up differences between a co-working office and a coffee shop for the purpose of conducting client meetings.

Planning an Important Client Meeting
It was Friday afternoon, and you had an important meeting lined up with a potential new client on Monday morning. As a freelance marketing consultant, making a good impression was essential to landing this contract. You needed to decide – should you book a professional meeting room at a co-working space or risk meeting them at a local coffee shop?

Option 1: Visiting a Coffee Shop in your Neighborhood
Just a few blocks away was a popular local coffee shop that drew freelancers, remote workers, and meetup groups alike. Their signature latte and breakfast sandwiches were top-notch.
Meeting your client there could set a more casual, laid-back vibe. But you ran the risk of noise from crowds and espresso machines disrupting your discussion. Not to mention a lack of privacy if we needed to go over any proprietary details.

More importantly, you’d be paying out of pocket for every single amenity:

– Paying for 4 lattes
– 3 breakfast sandwiches for clients
– Printing any materials offsite
– No IT support if anything went wrong with my computer/electronics

Option 2: The Co-working Meeting Room at LetsBrim
Your co-working membership at LetsBrim included access to bookable meeting rooms at an hourly rate. A quick check of the online room calendar shows availability for the 2-hour window I needed on Monday morning.

The meeting room fee was quite affordable per hour, so a 2-hour booking would be cost-effective also. An investment, but the room had a large oval table that could comfortably fit you and the 3 client representatives. To add on, it had a TV or Wi-fi to connect for presentations and plenty of whiteboards to sketch out ideas.

Amenity-wise, it checked all the boxes for a professional, distraction-free environment to put my best foot forward.
You could have unlimited fresh coffee from LetsBrim’s cafe set up ahead of time, charging nothing out of pocket. Print out any materials you need on-site at no cost as well. And if any tech issues arise, the IT team is just a call away to assist you. Each facility would be complementary at LetsBrim to make your client meeting more productive.

The Takeaway
Investing a little more in creating an impressive first experience could go a long way towards securing a new client. Sometimes you have to spend money to earn money as they say! But at LetsBrim you spend less and earn more! Are you prepared to wow your client on Monday morning? If yes, book a meeting room at LetsBrim today. For more information, visit us at