Startups should practice a mindful approach towards the environment from the get-go. Practicing such mindfulness is easy for a small-sized company than a bigger company, as a startup’s carbon footprint is less in comparison by default.

Besides, the environmental good that you will be doing, having an eco-friendly approach will benefit your marketing endeavors too. If your initial set of customers begin to associate you with a consciousness for environmental welfare, they will identify you as a next-gen company who values environmental welfare.

They will be more willing to identify themselves as a customer of your brand. When you gain this customer loyalty, you can depend on it for better word-of-mouth advertising which will result in greater sales and profit-making.

Startups should go green, realising the impact that commerce and industry has on the environment. They should take up their share of the environment’s responsibility and try not to put more strain on it.

Building sustainable start-ups will not only help the environment, it will help them too. Sustainable processes are more affordable in the long run. When you reject the use of traditional energy resources for the use of clean/renewable energy, you spend less.

Also, consumers are more environmentally aware and conscious in our times. They are more willing to align themselves with a brand that matches their environmental-consciousness than companies which do not believe in sustainability.

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