Do you have an idea that you think could be the next million dollar idea?

We are in an era where daily hundreds and thousands of startups are founded. Start-up culture is spontaneously growing, every startups have some idea. But every idea does not emerge with a successful business model. It depends on how strong your idea is.

Half of the startups fail because they’ve haven’t been tested at an idea level. 50% of startups success depends on the idea if validated thoroughly.

Entrepreneurs have ideas to spare, but putting them in place needs rigour, and more importantly, research! Ask yourself the right questions..

Does your idea answer a real market need?

Don’t make the rookie mistake of working on an idea that no one is really interested in.

Even billion dollar startup ideas like Airbnb needed to be tested. Why? Well, startup ideas are simply assumptions. If you spend all of your money and months of time developing a startup only to find out that your assumption was wrong you’re in a very bad place.

Most startups fail because they’ve haven’t been tested at an idea level.

Don’t build products that people don’t want inherently. One in two startups that fails mainly because they created product that no one wants to use.

According to many pieces of research, one of the biggest reasons for startups failure is the lack of a market need for their product

Why RaiseMyStartup ?

We as RaiseMyStartup, helps startups in validating their Idea in term of various factors such in “IDEA RELEVANCE”, “MARKET NEED”, “COMPETITORS”, “INVESTORS INTEREST” etc. to decide whether the market wants what you are planning to build.

We validate startup idea through our VC/ANGEL INVESTORS , E-Cell PROFESSORS, SECTOR EXPERTS and END USERS, and come up with the balanced and unbiased results with your idea’s scores, including explanations from respondents.

We helps startups to:

  • Identify the chances of success or failure. This applies to an existing Startups also as many entrepreneurs don’t know why they are not getting traction?
  • Save their precious resources by getting the idea validated for commercial viability.
  • Know whether their idea is technically implementable or not using the technology that is available.
  • Know the future prospects of their Startup.
  • Analyse the competition and their competitive advantages.

Get answers to the questions like:

If you want your Idea get validated, just write to us at [email protected].