Nosh’s Robot chefs powered by AI are ready to transform Indian Kitchens

Nosh, a company founded in March 2018 by Yatin Varachhia, Sudeep Gupta, and Amit Kumar Gupta, aims to offer cooking robots to the economically successful migrant population of major cities so that they can enjoy the convenience of home-cooked meals.

Startup Success Story Of Nosh

The story takes place in 2017, Yantin and his Wife – Margi both started to work. The pair began having a lot of trouble organising their cooking time. They sought traditional dishes to refresh their gloomy business life. They both had high standards and love towards their taste, flavours and authenticity of food, that’s why no housekeeper could match that.

Yatin was motivated by this to think creatively and work towards a solution. He first started developing straightforward cooking techniques that involved pouring and stirring ingredients and seasonings.

Nosh, Yatin’s startup, completed its first proof of concept in 2018, but there is still plenty of room for development. Since then, both the hardware and AI of the system have undergone numerous adjustments and user trials.

At a time when robots with various capacities are becoming more and more common in households, cloud kitchens, restaurants, and fast food chains. According to a survey, Nosh might become one of the early adopters in the extremely lucrative robot kitchen market, which is anticipated to reach $4.4 billion in size by 2028 while expanding at a CAGR of 12.6% between 2021 and 2028.

Nosh’s Next Big Aim

Nosh plans to build and use 5,000 culinary robots by 2024, but the forecasts are highly reliant on the supply chain. The company is not looking to raise any money because of the bleak forecast for the market this year.

In the meantime, Nosh is aiming to teach its AI robots more Indian recipes and expand its already excellent range of dishes by introducing a multi-cuisine option.