Top 3 Indian Successful Startup To Inspire You
Do you want to know more about the successful startups in India? If so, you’ve come to the correct place. According to the Government of India’s study, the number of startups in India has increased significantly, from 452 in 2016 to 84,012 in 2022. This expansion has resulted in increased employment rates, better products and services as a result of competition, and stronger synergy in the corporate sector. In this article, let’s discuss the top successful businesses that can inspire and drive you as a budding entrepreneur.

Successful Startups In India
India is experiencing a completely new generation of startups that are making their mark not only domestically, but also globally. There are numerous inspiring successful startup stories of people that forge their paths of creativity and dreams. Let’s look at a couple of them!

Ola Cabs – Transportation Services
Nobody imagined that a day would come when booking vehicles would be so simple. Ola Cabs was started by Bhavish Aggarwal and Ankit Bhati. They were IIT-B graduates who worked in MNCs before embarking on the risky route of entrepreneurship.

The story begins with the bad trip of Bhavish through a rented cab. This powerless feeling prompted him to consider establishing a profitable and pleasurable cab service. Finally, in December 2010, he and co-founder Ankit Bhati put the finishing touches on their vision and people began to like its services because of the inexpensive costs.

And with the constant increase, In October of last year, Ola Cabs raised over $210 million at a valuation of roughly $1 billion. As a result, it has reached the ranks of the country’s most valuable start-ups.

Zomato – Food Services
Deepinder Goyal and Pankaj Chaddah, the co-founders, have always desired to forge their route, one fraught with hurdles. Zomato, which begin in 2008, has been nothing short of a sensation. It includes almost 331,200 establishments in 19 different countries. Zomato began with no funding and grew at an achingly slow pace.

It began as and in two years was designated one of India’s most promising internet firms. It received international attention after another two years. The tables quickly flipped, and Zomato became what it is today.

Housing.Com – Real Estate Services, a Mumbai-based real estate search engine, was co-founded by twelve IIT-B graduates to increase openness in the real-estate sector. The exponential rate at which has expanded is remarkable.

It was just formed two years ago, but the response has been incredible. Despite numerous challenges, has achieved remarkable success. Since its inception in 2012, it has raised four rounds of finance.

Final Words

Indian youngsters are increasingly becoming entrepreneurs and starting their own businesses, particularly in Edtech, E-commerce, and other technology-driven ventures. As a result, there has been a rapid rise in the profitability of technology-driven enterprises and an explosion of new business ideas. Join us if you’re an enthusiastic early entrepreneur and let these incredible, successful startups inspire you.