Startup Funding Worth More Than 3.6 Bn US Dollars Announced In 2023

To start developing their idea and creating new plans for the growth and expansion of their business, startups need to raise capital. With an estimated valuation of roughly 340 billion dollars in 2022, India has emerged as the world’s third-largest ecosystem.

The number of startups was at 400 in 2016 and skyrocketed by 72,000 by 2022. How’s this rise influenced? It’s due to the everlasting passion of new entrepreneurs, and businesses and because of the ever-growing support of Startup Funding. If you’re too a startup, you must know about the recent startup funding announcement.

More Than 40 Funds Announced
According to Inc42’s ‘Indian Tech Startup Funding Report Q1 2023,’ no unicorns were minted in the first three months of 2023, and 84% of Indian VCs polled claimed that growth-stage businesses had trouble raising financing.

Despite the financial gloom, VC, angel, and PE investors have announced 40 funds worth more than $3.6 billion this year to assist Indian entrepreneurs at various stages. Let’s look at a few of them!

A list of startup-focused investment funds, plans revealed by venture capitalists, investors, and more

  • AdvantEdge (Fund III)
  • AdvantEdge, an early-stage venture capital (VC) fund, has announced the launch of its third fund, which will invest $80-$100 million in mobility solution companies.

  • Arkam Ventures
  • With a target corpus of $180 Mn, early-stage VC firm Arkam Ventures opened its second fund in June 2023. The fund is almost twice as big as its prior one, which the venture capital firm closed at $106 million last year.

  • BoldCap Fund
  • A $25 million second fund was announced by the Indian venture capital firm BoldCap in April 2023, and it would be used to invest in 15-20 early-stage SaaS startups there over the following 24-36 months.


    Startups develop from one stage to the next, from a concept to a successful business. The foundation of this expansion is startup funding. Know about all 40 Funds by clicking here!