The moment you consider influencers as just being ‘overly dramatic’ and creating content to earn fame and name, you should start thinking about how they do it. Influencers create content with their audience and the brand’s target audience in mind. Ultimately, influencer marketing is not just about earning likes, views, and shares, it’s about gaining the attention of the maximum audience and converting them into new or repeat customers for the brands. This blog post will discuss how influencers can actually grow your brand and how brands can create content through them that speaks directly to their target customer base without being overly promotional or salesy.

To effectively have influencers create content that clicks well with your brand’s target customers, follow these key steps-

Understand your target customer base
Remember, your customer base and target customer base are two different things. You might have a broader customer base, but you need to understand which audience group you want to target in a specific campaign or project. Collect data on their age, gender, and location. Knowing who they are will help you find influencers who appeal to similar targets.

Mixmatch content with brand messaging
Screen influencers based on the data gathered about your target customer group. When it’s time to share content briefs, address the points that need your influencers’ attention. The most important part of this is the content strategy. How much your content aligns with your brand values depends on how well your influencers comprehend the brand to create brand-specific content. Clearly communicate your brand’s voice and tone to the influencer.

Research keywords on the topic to improve SEO
SEO and rankings are not just for blogs, they apply to video content too. Instagram and YouTube’s algorithms change as fast as fashion styles. Brands need to stay one step ahead and plan every detail of influencer posts. While doing this, don’t overemphasize your content brief. Mention everything from the type of content post to the keywords you want to target. Encourage influencers by explaining how this will help them build their own profile. Maintaining relationships with influencers is also part of this process.

Targeting the emotions of your audience
We don’t mean to shed your audience’s tears by targeting their emotional senses. The idea is not to think like a typical marketer by questioning what you will get out of this influencer-generated content or whether you will get more conversions. Conversions will automatically come if your content is share-worthy and top-notch.

Understanding the influencers’ content style/approach
Each influencer is different. One might infuse fun or entertainment to get the word out, while another might adopt a serious tone. Brands need to thoroughly research the influencer’s existing content to understand their unique style. This includes the types of content they produce (e.g., tutorials, vlogs, reviews, lifestyle posts), the visual and aesthetic elements they use (e.g., colors, filters, themes), and the overall production quality (e.g., professional, casual, polished).

Some questions brands need to ponder over while making audience-centric content in collaboration with influencers
– What type of content is on the influencer’s profile? Is it a good match for our product or service?
– Does their content style align with our brand’s image and values?
– Is the influencer’s content visually appealing and high quality, matching the standards of our brand?

Audience engagement
Audience engagement refers to how the influencer interacts with their followers and the level of engagement their content receives (likes, comments, shares, etc.). It’s an indicator of how influential the influencer is and how well they connect with their audience. What kind of interaction does the influencer have with their audience? Do they respond to comments and messages in their posted content?

Sharing content briefs that match the influencer’s content style
After researching, personalize the content brief to match the influencer’s style and relate with their audience. This means creating a brief that respects and leverages the influencer’s unique voice and approach. Since each influencer is different in their approach and personality, marketers should modify each brief accordingly.

If you can answer these questions in your favor, you’re on the right path to making your campaign a success by getting influencers to create content that speaks to the hearts and minds of your audience.

– How can we customize our brief to fit naturally within the influencer’s existing content style? For example, if the influencer is known for their humorous takes, how can we incorporate humor into our message?
– How can we present our brand message in a way that will appeal to the influencer’s audience?
– What are the key elements of the influencer’s content that we should maintain to ensure authenticity? This could be specific phrases they use, the way they address their audience, or their video editing style.

The Bottom Line
So, in a nutshell, if you think influencers are just being dramatic for the sake of fame, it’s time to look deeper. They’re pros at connecting with people and turning followers into loyal customers. By understanding your target audience, aligning content with your brand message, using SEO smartly, and respecting each influencer’s unique style, you can create killer campaigns that feel genuine and engaging.

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