Have you ever thought about why most product launches fail? The pre-launch success of your product depends on how well you have marketed it out. The primary concern is to ponder how well your product is performing with its users. Is your product solving your customers’ pain points or you’ve just created it out-of-the blue. While you have addressed and worked towards your product management, comes the next part of marketing it.

While product management is crucial, the next hurdle is to effectively market it.

Why should you consider Influencer Marketing for your business?
The way your product is marketed plays a significant role in determining the success of your brand’s conversions. Today, customers don’t respond well to direct product ads; they trust recommendations over sales pitches. By now, you must have realized how traditional marketing has evolved over time. A new type of marketing, known as word-of-mouth or influencer marketing, has risen in India.

According to a report by the Financial Express, 57% of consumers purchase products after their trusted influencer posts about it on their social channel. These influencers not only have the attention of their engaged audience but are also likely to motivate viewers to purchase the product.

This blog lists how you can collaborate with social media influencers during the early, post-product launch stages and drive maximum conversions from those influencer campaigns.

Do influencer-led product launch campaigns actually convert?
It all comes down to creating hype and recognition. The more hype you generate, the more effective your campaigns will be. While the traditional marketing approach has its own set of pros and cons, there is one fast-growing strategy that stands out which is influencer marketing. A study from Aspire IQ reveals that influencer marketing can increase conversion rates by up to 82%. Creating anticipation through giveaway contests and teaser posts drives traffic to your website, leading to increased chances of conversions.

Now that we have explored the benefits of influencer marketing campaigns, let’s look at the top strategies for product launch campaigns.

Pre-Approach Research
Before hunting for the influencers, plan what you want to achieve from your product launch campaign. Clearly define your goals (brand awareness, sales, website traffic) and identify your ideal customer (demographics, interests, online behavior).

Once you have decided your objectives, start screening influencers based on your brand’s mission and values. Ensure their audience engages well with their content; ultimately, you are marketing your products. Influencers with high engagement rates make their content feel less like ads and more like genuine recommendations to their viewers. This customer trust translates to a higher likelihood of their followers considering your product.

Approaching Influencers for Social Media Campaigns or Events
Both email and direct messaging are effective ways to reach out to influencers. One of the best approaches is to start by appreciating their content and discussing why they might be a good fit to advocate for your brand. Clearly mention all the details, such as expectations, deliverables, and compensation.

During Product Launch Campaign
Plan a strategic posting schedule across your preferred social media platforms to maximize your brand’s reach and engagement on launch day. Schedule live hosting or online events featuring influencers interacting with your newly launched product, answering audience questions, and building excitement.

User-Generated Content in the Form of Giveaways
Apart from live streaming sessions and sponsored posts, brands should take advantage of UGC (user-generated content). A UGC hashtag contest is a type of giveaway where creators post about the contest and their engaged followers participate by commenting, liking, and sharing for a chance to win the product. This continuous loop of social media shares builds anticipation for the brand, making it a household name among its audience.

The product launch was just the initial phase. Don’t let the campaign conclude after the launch. Maintain open communication with the participating influencers. Discuss any improvements in ongoing content creation, product collaboration, or loyalty programs.

The positive testimonials and user-generated content earned during the launch become valuable assets for building trust and social proof in the post-launch phase. Influencer content can be extremely valuable; you can repurpose and transform top-performing content into ads for your new launch.

Data related to website traffic, influencer engagement, and social media conversations provides valuable insights into customer behavior and preferences. These insights can inform future marketing and product development strategies.

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