Google Ads Launches Auto-Generated Advertising Using Generative AI

McKinsey study found that the highest claimed revenue impacts of AI are in marketing and sales. Taylor claimed that Google has been developing AI tools for a decade as Gen AI capabilities are enabled throughout industries and have an influence on global discussion.

He also shared that he and his team are excited to help Indian companies who invested in digital marketing, to use AI Advertising that results in successful outcomes.

India Towards Gen AI – Google Ads

A full-service law firm, Khaitan & Co, and the Advertising Standards Council of India (ASCI) have joined forces to publish a thorough whitepaper on generative artificial intelligence (AI) in advertising. In the whitepaper, legal concerns and challenges that advertisers are facing while utilising generative AI may be discussed in relation to the Indian legal system. Those concerns are related to copyright infringement, data privacy as well as resisting the spread of illegal content that explores the ethical issues, dangers and unwanted possibilities.

“AI – Artificial Intelligence is supportive technology with a positive impact on advertising” – the thoughts of Manisha Kapoor – CEO and Secretary General of ASCI. Advertisers must consider the effects on customers and society, and commercials created using AI must stick to the same rules and consumer protection standards as conventional advertisements. Regulatory clarity must stay up with technical advancement as the area of AI develops, especially in regards to privacy, copyrights, and content creator responsibilities.

According to Tanu Banerjee, Partner at Khaitan & Co, generative AI is widely used in the advertising industry and is ready to disrupt company processes. She also believes and shares that, even if this technology has many advantages, it can lead to some legal issues and difficulties related to AI bias, privacy of data, authenticity or content ownership. To ensure the moral use of generative AI, advertisers must be aware of the laws and legal concepts that are now in place.

Generative AI Updated Google Ads

Generative Artificial Intelligence (Gen AI) includes chatbots, engaging ads and AI assistants to help digital marketing work towards automating the development of advertising contents whether it’s in blog form, images or in video forms. With many uses of Gen AI,white paper also helps reducing risks regarding abusive content or unsecured content with regards to consumer protection.

According to Dan Taylor, Google’s vice-president of global advertisements, Google advertisements will enable marketers to create ads automatically utilising large language models (LLMs) and generative artificial intelligence (Gen AI). It will have the potential to process imaginative ads relating to corporate requests or demand.

Google Ads will be able to construct campaign workflows based on business prompts provided by marketers using Large Language Models (LLMs) and generative artificial intelligence (Gen AI).

The Ending

Gen AI is the most revolutionising technology launched by Google Ads that is making an excellent impact on marketing by offering strong tools to companies so that they can connect with the audience and benefit their business. If you’re a business looking to enhance your sales and marketing affordably, Google ads have made it easier.