BWS 2023: Power Of Personalisation In the Digital World

A panel of experts gathered at the Brand World Summit in Mumbai to analyse tactics for delivering seamless personalization to customers.

Personalization is the deciding factor between a browsing and a purchasing consumer. Today’s consumers are accustomed to receiving individualised or personalised services. It is becoming the reason for marketers to make efforts to bring back customers repeatedly and achieve loyalty by providing services according to their preferences. One of the sessions at the just-finished Brand World Summit, presented by ET BrandEquity and held in Mumbai, discussed the value of personalization and alternative approaches to achieving a seamless consumer experience. Let’s discuss the current BWS and the outlines of personalisation in digital marketing.

Panel Of Marketers at BWS 2023

The group of marketers who joined forces to try to unravel this subject included Tanisha Doshi, director of growth and strategy at WebEngage, Dheeraj Gupta, founder and MD of Jumbo King Foods, Anna Ohlin, country marketing manager for IKEA India, Abhishek Kumar, head of digital initiatives for Blue Star India.

Personalisation In Today’s Digitized Marketing Era

The head of Digital Initiatives at Blue Star – Mr. Abhishek Kumar introduced the topic of Personalisation with his experience. He shared that he used to note personal information like the address of customers and the service they had, in order to tailor their experience for next time and conclude with words – “Understanding the customer journey is crucial to personalised marketing.”

Then, the director of growth and strategy at WebEngage – Mr. Doshi added to the conversation and shared about the most targeted group for businesses – Gen Z, saying they have more expectations than other generations. As long as the brand is there on the station they are viewing, they don’t care if you aren’t on every channel. This may apply to Facebook or even WhatsApp SMS. Omnichannel marketing enters the scene in this situation.

Similar to this, Jumbo King’s Gupta recounts his experience with the idea that the brand’s biggest audience in Mumbai was made up of commuters using the metro and local trains.

With Real-Time Personalisation Marketers Can….

Later, every marketer at BWS discussed and shared their experience on personalisation and digital marketing. The following crucial details from this summit have been provided to assist struggling marketers in succeeding with personalization:

    Increase the rate of conversion with real-time messaging and other channels.
    Personalise each customer’s encounter with your business to enhance their experience.
    Continually communicate with consumers across all means.
    Improve sales, and incomes and gain loyal clients as an overall marketing outcome.


Digital marketers would do well to get ready because this is the direction of the industry. Personalisation in digital marketing becomes a memorable experience for customers in today’s market where the competition is high and offerings are low. They are more inclined to use and stick with brands that they believe pay attention to them, comprehend their needs, and cater to them. With the use of technical developments like AI, big data, and machine learning, hyper-personalization enables marketers to do this.