Every marketer seems to believe long-term influencer partnerships are superior to one-time collaborations. But is there a logical reason to choose a long-term deal over a quick win? Let’s spill some wisdom. So generally what happens is brands sign an influencer for a long-term deal, expecting an extended promotion and deeper audience engagement. Sounds strategic! The influencer’s followers start to link up their trusted figure with the brand, bringing in loyalty and positive impressions. However, what happens if the influencer’s popularity starts to wane, or if their content no longer works as well with the brand’s changing image or values?

On the downside, influencer marketing experts have seen marketers planning to go ahead with one-time collaborations every time they pay for any campaign project. The flexibility and appeal is totally agreed. However, short-term influencer partnerships too have their own set of cons.

Confused which one to opt for when both have their disadvantages? You actually don’t have to because the answer lies in keeping a balance between the both. There’s nothing in this world which is completely advantageous or pernicious. No strategy either! A marketer’s art is seen when he/she knows when to swap off ideas and switch between short-term and long-term collaborations.

But there’s a challenge. Four of them actually!

1. To know the right-time to switch between long-term and short-term collabs
2. Long-term collaborations typically require more resources and funds
3. An influencer may back-out in between the campaign
4. Maintaining a consistent brand message while switching between short-term and long-term collaborations can be problematic.

Don’t fret! We don’t intend to list the problems without providing the solutions. Keep reading down below to uncover the solutions to these problems and don’t forget to come back to it when you sign any new project.

That being said, let’s first walk through what long-term and short-term collaborations are and how they help scaling businesses of all kinds.

Long-Term Collaborations
Marketers usually prefer this kind of influencer partnership when they want a sustained growth for a longer period.
When an influencer keeps featuring a brand over an extended period, marketers get an opportunity to get more people talking about the brand every now and then.

Repeated content imprints an image of authenticity in the minds of viewers, hence, inclination between the brand and viewer starts to build up.

Short-Term Collaborations
These brand-influencer partnerships are more project-based and time bound. For new brands or old ones who are just trying out influencer marketing for all the good reasons, often consider a leap in short-term collabs.

Brands which need immediate visibility on account of a product launch partner with influencers on a short-term basis. Short-term collaborations are great for testing the waters. If you’re unsure about a new market or audience, working with an influencer for a limited time lets you analyze how their followers react to your product or service. This type of collaboration is more budget-friendly and focuses on your short-term goals.

When to switch between long-term collaboration and short-term influencer partnership?
Deciding when to switch between long-term collaborations and short-term influencer partnerships is all about understanding your business goals, market competition, and the specific outcomes you want from your marketing efforts. Here are some serious red flags defining when marketers should swap long-term partnership with a one time collaboration with influencers.

Red Flags Indicating the Need for Immediate Switch from Long Term Partnership to One-Time collabs
Declining Engagement Rates
One of the most telling signs that a long-term collaboration might be losing its performance is a noticeable decline in engagement rates. If the likes, comments, shares, and overall interaction with the influencer’s content featuring your brand are dropping, it’s a clear signal that the audience might be losing interest. You should immediately keep a reality-check on your brand’s visibility and credibility.

Opposition between Brand Values and Influencer’s Content
If the influencer starts to diverge from your brand values or engages in behavior that conflicts with your brand’s image, the partnership needs to be re-assessed. Any controversy or misalignment can quickly harm your brand’s reputation. This is a clear red flag that your brand should start devising a new plan of campaign management either solely or by joining forces with a strategic influencer marketing platform.

Changing face of Marketing Trends
If you notice that the market is moving in a new direction or that a new trend is emerging that doesn’t match with your current long-term collaborations, it might be time to switch to short-term partnerships. Flexibility to adapt and experiment with new trends becomes easy in short-term collaborations.

Campaign-Specific Needs
Certain campaigns might demand a fresh approach or a different influencer altogether. If you’re planning a unique, time-bound promotion, launching a new product, or targeting a different audience segment, a short-term collaboration can be more effective. Bringing in new influencers would provide marketers fresh perspectives according to the specific campaign goals.

Shifts in Influencer’s Audience Demographics
Audiences changes over time, and so do the followers of even the most famous influencers. Changing trends, viewer preferences, and demographics can all cause an influencer’s audience to drift away from your target market. Regularly review the influencer’s audience insights to ensure your campaign stays on track. If significant discrepancies arise, consider switching to short-term collaborations with different influencers to reach your desired customer base more effectively.

The influencer marketing industry works on experimentation and adaptation. By constantly evaluating content performance, you can refine your campaign strategy and progress towards achieving those big six-figure results.

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