You have likely already realized the significance of social media marketing in the present. As per the We Are Social estimates, there are 2.8 million active social media users worldwide and more than 3.7 billion internet users, providing a wide range of digital marketing choices. But how can you optimize the effectiveness and efficiency of your digital media campaigns? It is simple by just effectively using a few tools.

If you are a beginner, learn about the tools we will discuss in this article.

Digital Marketing Tools You Should Consider

MailChimp – For Email Marketing
Pricing — There are 2,000 members and 12,000 emails sent every month under the free basic package. Other packages range in price from $10 to $199 a month.

MailChimp works as an online email marketing service. You have the option to develop targeted campaigns and automated messaging in addition to sending marketing emails like newsletters. It gives a variety of choices for sending emails along with customizable themes. (As an alternative, you can use Hubspot Sales).

-Forms and templates which can be altered
-Testing A/B
-Social networking add-ons
-Automation processes
-Several campaigns
-Quick reports

Buffer – For Social Media Management
Pricing — For individuals, there are two plans: Individual, which is free, and Awesome, costing $10 monthly. Teams and agencies can choose from three different plans: Small costs $99 a month, Medium is $199, and Large is $399 a month.

Buffer makes it simple to manage your social media. Buffer has been given nicknames such as “The Siri of Social Media” and “Social Media Assistant”. By scheduling your posts in advance for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn,, and other social media platforms, Buffer posts them at the most advantageous moment based on your location time. As an alternative, you can choose Sprout Social, Nanigans and Facebook’s Power Editor.

-For paid plans, the risk-free trial period
-Extensive analytics
-Different social networks
-Two-step login for high security
-Uses a universal message or one that is customized for each platform

Google Analytics – For Analytics
Pricing — The Google Analytics base model is cost-free. The upscale edition costs $150,000 a year.

Anyone with a Google account can access the complete freemium online analytics program known as Google Analytics. Understanding your site’s visitors will assist you in identifying which digital initiatives are effective and which are not. As an alternative, you can choose Kissmetrics.

-Specific reports
-Data segmentation across devices for subgroup analysis
-Designed to integrate with other media and publisher solutions from Google

SEMrush – For SEO
Pricing — Three monthly options are available (annual billing offers a discount): Pro ($99.95/month), Guru ($199.95/month), and Business ($399.95/month).

Your efforts in the areas of SEO, PPC, social media, content, and public relations can be maximized with the aid of SEMrush. It provides information on things like top-performing posts, competitor performance, strategy analysis, and trending themes.

-Analytics also include studies on keywords, advertising, and other topics.
-Visualizations of data for quick competitive analysis
-Site inspection Brand vigilance
-Position monitoring

These technologies enable marketers to adapt, develop, and successfully accomplish their marketing objectives in a continuously changing digital environment. Digital marketers can negotiate the complexity of the Internet environment and produce significant outcomes for their companies and clients by utilising their power.