Following the success of Startup Manthan series in 2019 and demand for such more events, RaiseMyStartup came up with their very first event this decade Startup Milaap 2020.

Startup Milaap 2020 is the annual fundraising event organised by RaiseMyStartup & was held in 2017 & 2018 previously and this year’s theme is designed to encourage more and more startups, companies and investors to take risks and explore innovative and impact ideas.

The event format included prearranged one-on-one interactions between start-ups and investors; two different pitching formats includes Game of Ideas and Chamber of Investors ; discussion on the investment views of leading VC/angel investors; Fire side chat about mobility; networking and much more.

The Startup Milaap, took place in PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry, on 28th February 2020 in New Delhi.

The event hosted 150+ entrepreneurs, 40+ Investors, and some of the India’s most eminent speakers like Amit GuptaYulu & InMobiRohit SoodBertelsmann India InvestmentsNeeraj Kumar SingalSemco GroupRahul MaroliOla Cabs; Rajiv Vij, CarzOnRentRipu Daman BevliPlogging Ambassador of India.

Some of the investors who participated included Vinod Keni, Artha Venture Fund; Sheetal Bahl, GrowX Ventures; Hemendra Mathur, Bharat Innovation Fund; Rahul Agarwalla, SenseAI Ventures; Ravi Kaushik, WaterBridge Ventures; Neeraj Das, 7Gate Ventures; Shashank Randev, 100X.VC; Addison Appu, ThinKuvate; Bhavish Sood, Modulor Capital among many others.

6 curated start-ups got chance to pitch on main stage to the investors and woo the audience with their innovative ideas in Game of Ideas.

17 curated start-ups across India got chance to pitch their ideas in a closed room to VCs/Angel investors to raise capital in Chamber of Investors pitching format.

Amit Gupta, YULU & InMobi, suggested the young entrepreneurs to pick an idea which relates to them instead of working on something which looks cool.

Neeraj Kumar S, SEMCO Group, believes that India should stop depending on the Chinese for batteries and start manufacturing them here in India only.

Siddharth Agarwal, Ecom Express, talked about how Electric vehicles start-ups are only limited to metropolitan cities at the moment. He advised the new entrepreneurs to find the problems to solve first instead of finding solutions and looking for a problem afterwards.

Shilpa Sehgal, Equanimity Investments, insisted on having more women in the senior leadership which will help in catering better services to female consumers. The challenge which women majorly face is discrimination and bias, and it should be eradicated in order to let women thrive on their own.

Neeraj Tyagi, Venture Catalysts, emphasised on working on a good solution, team-structure, and execution. “There are a lot of untouched sectors in the start-up ecosystem which are needed to be explored by the new entrepreneurs.”

Aditya Singh, Stride Ventures, opines that the B2B sector, small and medium enterprises sector, and the education technology sector has a big uptake in the current start-up ecosystem.

Rahul Agarwalla SenseAI Ventures, if any entrepreneur out there in the ecosystem is trying to find solutions to some real problems, then investors will be the most willing to invest in their start-up.

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