The most trending and successful startup of a young entrepreneur – Mr Prafull Billore – “MBA Chai Wala“. Prafull moved to Gujarat to study, but his desire to build a great business led him to sell tea on the Gujarat Highway. He became a celebrity and social influencer for youngsters at the age of 25. He rose to prominence in the media in 2020. In this article, we will discuss the best approaches that led his start-ups to become successful.

MBA Chai Wala’s Steps For A Successful Entrepreneurship

We all know that Prafull’s success was not a one-night result. It was his hard work that allowed him to operate a business of 4 crore turnover. What were his approaches? How did he become successful? Let’s See.

Some Extra Efforts

Prafull drew folks in by serving tea in earthen pots with toast and tissues. He not only entertained individuals who came to his stall, but he also approached those sitting in their cars. People became attracted to him due to his ability to interact and the unique manner in which he served his meals.

Learned From His Mistake

Prafull failed numerous times, yet his spirit kept him going. Even when he first opened his shop, he would occasionally add extra sugar or fewer tea leaves to tea that customers didn’t enjoy. But, thanks to his unwavering dedication and hard effort, his tea is among the best.

Took A Risk

Prafull’s story tells us that if you are focused, dedicated, and sincerely want to achieve your goals, anything is possible. Taking a risk to achieve something necessitates the guts to face the unknown.

Prafull’s success stems from his vision of giving tea to every Indian citizen. From having a modest tea stand next to McDonald’s to running a 300-square-foot restaurant called “MBA Chai Wala with a staff of over 20 people – it was his enthusiasm that brought him success. I hope MBA Chai Wala‘s success story has motivated you to start your own business.