Working from home, huh? Well, let us tell you, working remotely has its own set of ups and downs. On one hand, you’ve got the comfy pajamas, the freedom to make your own coffee, and no commute – can’t beat that, right? But then, there’s the constant urge to procrastinate, the struggle to separate work from home life, and the loneliness that creeps in when you realize you haven’t had any conversation all day.

The Sweet Comforts of Home and its Distractions
Focus plays a huge role. Imagine you are trying to concentrate, and the TV in your room is on high volume. You are having an important Zoom meeting with your boss while the pressure cooker in your kitchen is whistling loud. And let’s not even get started on the endless distractions – from the pile of dishes in the sink to the laundry that never seems to end.

You know, working from home used to be the dream for a lot of folks. No commute, no dress code, and all the snacks you could ever want, rightly available. But as time went on, the cracks started to show. Suddenly, the lines between work and home life blurred into one big mess.

Working from home is great only if you’re able to take breaks, wake up when you find it easy and work in your comfy trousers. Although you do not have to follow the office restrictions, you are still accountable for the tasks and responsibilities assigned to you.

The Point of Co-working offices
But in the end, there is something about working from the office that keeps you motivated and focused. Co-working spaces offer all that and more. Office and co-working spaces are two distinct entities. In an office, you are compelled to maintain connections with your colleagues because you’re required to sit there for a legitimate 8 hours straight. Whereas in a co-working space, you have the liberty to choose whom you would like to connect with, both professionally and on a friendly basis.

Instead of dragging yourself through another day of working alone at home, you could be surrounded by a community of like-minded individuals who are all on the same journey as you. You’ll feed off each other’s energy, bounce ideas around, and maybe even make some lifelong friends along the way.

The Modern Way of Co-Working
Plus, co-working spaces are designed with productivity in mind. From comfortable seatings to high-speed internet and free flow of chai/coffee, everything is set up to help you do your best work. And when you need a break, there are plenty of opportunities for networking, learning, and just plain old fun.

If you are still unsure whether or not to try a co-working office, talk to us about your requirements. If you are feeling low completing your important projects, meetings or any other task you are working on, try visiting our co-working space in Janakpuri. Maybe you will get your ideas flowing back again.

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