If you’re an independent professional or running a small business in the Delhi NCR, you’ve probably gotten used to working out of cafes, home offices, or just huddled over your laptop wherever you can find a spot. But the co-working trend that has swept cities around the world does exist and is thriving in the Indian capital as well. While there are a plethora of co-working offices operating in Delhi, in this blog we will talk about co-working in West Delhi’s Janakpuri.

Janakpuri is a planned residential area which was developed in the 1970s. The place is primarily composed of housing colonies, apartments, and market areas to serve the local population residing nearby.

However, its layout centered around a few major road connections like the Outer Ring Road, Janakpuri District Centre Road, and Najafgarh Road makes the location easily accessible no matter where in Delhi you’re coming from. The area is also linked by the Blue and Magenta Lines of the Delhi Metro, with stations like Janakpuri West and Jankpuri East providing efficient public transport connectivity. Let’s outline why opting a co-working space in Janakpuri can be advantageous for your business or project.

Cost Advantages
That accessibility combines with relatively lower real estate prices compared to business districts which makes Janakpuri an affordable location for co-working operators to open flexible office spaces. And it’s proven to be a great fit for the young professionals, freelancers, and entrepreneurs seeking a productive work environment close to home.

Modern Facilities and Amenities
Janakpuri itself has a thriving lifestyle for these workers. The place has a well-balanced mix of residential spots like self-sufficient housing societies and apartment complexes, along with commercial markets.

Speaking of amenities, you’ll find everything you need to get through the workday and then some. You can grab affordable food of all kinds, hang out at trendy cafes, buy supplies, or get professional services like banking all within walking distance. The Delhi Metro’s Magenta, Blue lines and road network provide connectivity to the rest of the city. Janakpuri District Centre Road, and Najafgarh Road are well connected to this location.

Budget-Friendly Coworking Spaces for Startups
Compared to co-working offices in central business districts, the spaces in Janakpuri offer significantly more affordable pricing plans. The lower real estate costs in this residential area allow operators to pass on the savings to customers through budget-friendly membership fees and competitive packages. This makes it an affordable option for startups, freelancers, and small businesses watching their budgets.

Co-working Space designed for Flexible Business Needs
At our co-working space, LetsBrim, we offer clients flexible membership plans. Individuals can opt for hot-desking or rent permanent desks, while larger teams can secure private cabins. Short-term passes, day packages, and even hourly rates accommodate those requiring part-time workspace access. We listen to your space requirements and provide personalized solutions for different businesses.

With Janakpuri’s strategic location, cost efficiency, modern infrastructure and the conveniences of an integrated live-work setting, Janakpuri ticks many boxes for entrepreneurs, freelancers and businesses evaluating co-working options in Delhi NCR.

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