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Are you a brand looking for the right influencer? Or You are an influencer looking to connect with brands – is where your search ends. Dated back in 2020, when the pandemic evolved the world digitally, ClanConnect was established to transform the digital marketing landscape by giving influencers and companies more control.


An influencer marketing start-up called has made its network available to companies and agencies without charging fees or taking commissions. Brands and agencies can now take advantage of influencer activation at no cost thanks to the platform. ClanConnect’s technological engine makes sure that enormous volumes of data are processed in real time, giving end users the greatest available insights to make fully informed decisions.

Views Of CEO –

“So far, India’s influencer marketing ecosystem has been skewed towards mega and celebrity influencers who partner with well-known brands for significant campaigns,” stated Sagar Pushp, CEO and Co-Founder of In actuality, marketers are only interacting with the top 2% of influencers with the full of their influencer marketing expenditure. This platform initiative will alter the dynamic and help local influencers establish strong brand associations.

On the other hand, it will motivate businesses of all sizes to sign up for the platform without spending any money and begin promoting their influencer campaigns. With this, he and his team are once again stating that is accessible to everyone and that every business and influencer can participate in and profit from the expanding creative economy.

Advantages Of For Brands & Influencers

Influencer marketing has shifted and developed as an ecosystem while also offering exceptional benefits to both Influencers and brands. Let’s explore them:

To Brands

Three benefits of using for brands are listed below:

    Targeting Audience:’s sophisticated audience segmentation and targeting capabilities enable companies to precisely target the
    required demographics.
    Data-driven insights: Insights are available to brands through, enabling them to assess the success of campaigns and decide on future courses of action.
    Enhanced Efficiency and Effectiveness: The platform streamlines the whole campaign management process, from influencer identification to performance monitoring.

To Influencers

Four benefits of for influencers are listed below:

    Campaign Targeting: enables influencers to take part in campaigns that are relevant to their industry and target market, ensuring that the correct people see their material.
    Automated Matching: The platform matches influencers with appropriate brands automatically, saving time and effort in looking for potential collaborations.
    Performance metrics: Influencers may track the success of their campaigns and make informed decisions with the help of’s precise performance metrics.
    Community Engagement: On, influencers can engage with a community of creatives who share their interests, promoting cooperation and knowledge exchange.

The Final Way provides tons of features to enhance individual personal brands as well as help to establish awareness among people.

Anyone looking to strengthen bonds with their customers, boosting brand advocacy and loyalty can leverage the power of Using this platform may increase impact and create a stronger, more recognisable brand online.