Procrastination – which cuts down productivity has haunted workers for generations. It creeps in when deadlines loom, making every task seem difficult to complete. For many, overcoming procrastination is a daily struggle, but the solution might be closer than you think: co-working spaces. According to a study published in the Journal of Behavioral Medicine, 20% of people identify themselves as chronic procrastinators. This not only affects individual work outcomes but also has a ripple effect on team projects and organizational goals.

In this blog, we explore how the supportive environment of co-working spaces can be the antidote to procrastination.

1. Vibe that can’t be resisted
Co-working spaces are designed to encourage a dynamic and energetic atmosphere. Unlike traditional office settings, co-working spaces are infused with a diverse mix of professionals from various industries. Professionals from various industry’s invest and join these spaces to boost their productivity in a positive work environment.

According to a survey conducted by Deskmag, 84% of people reported that working in a co-working space helped them stay motivated and focused on their tasks.

2. Professionals inspire each other
One of the main factors of procrastination is the lack of accountability. When working in isolation, it’s easy to postpone tasks without consequences. Co-working spaces introduce an element of social accountability. The presence of other dedicated professionals can serve as a motivating factor, pushing individuals to meet their goals and deadlines.

3. Variety of Work Environments
Co-working spaces offer a variety of work environments within a single location. Co-working spaces have different types of spaces from a quiet corner for introverts to a social space for networking or brainstorming ideas. This variety allows individuals to adapt their surroundings based on the nature of their tasks, reducing the likelihood of monotony-induced procrastination.

4. Networking Opportunities
Procrastination often arises from a lack of inspiration or a sense of isolation. Co-working spaces, with their emphasis on community and collaboration, provide ample networking opportunities. Engaging with professionals from different fields can spark creativity and motivation, helping to overcome the mental blocks that lead to procrastination.

Designed to enhance focus and concentration, coworking spaces typically provide multiple zones for individuals to switch between throughout the day. These range from private spaces for confidential calls to open areas for collaborative efforts, as well as more relaxed areas furnished with sofas and kitchens. Workstations are equipped with high-quality furniture to ensure comfort and the presence of multiple computer screens, printing facilities, and high-speed internet in coworking spaces introduces amenities that surpass the traditional office setups.

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