Top 5 Ways To Use LinkedIn For Startup Business

The largest business network in the world, LinkedIn has 930 million subscribers as of June 2023. Users get access to a variety of options because LinkedIn lists more than 61 million businesses.

LinkedIn is a gold mine of creativity, growth, and success for new enterprises. A solid LinkedIn marketing plan is critical to your startup business’s success. With 91% of executives using it, LinkedIn is also the most widely used platform for accessing professionally relevant material, according to Sprout Social. Additionally, companies who promote on LinkedIn produce 277% more leads than those who only use Facebook, and 80% of social media leads come from LinkedIn.

In this article, we have rounded up the best five ways to use LinkedIn for startup businesses. So, let’s get started.

Ways To Grow By Using LinkedIn For Startup Business
Before heading towards the ways, it’s important to get educated with the LinkedIn Features. Following are the things you should must to your company page on LinkedIn:

  • Cover Image & Logo
  • Company’s Attractive Description including its achievements
  • Products or Services Offerings
  • Fill all the fields of the company’s page to optimise the profile
  • Now, let’s start with the ways or tips to grow on LinkedIn with your startup business.

    LinkedIn Page Optimization
    For optimising your LinkedIn for the startup business, you can add:

  • Translation
  • Keyword in Description
  • Hashtags while making page
  • Branded cover image
  • Custom Button (Contact Us, Visit Website etc.)
  • Create Content & Get Some Followers

    Without publishing your content, such as information about your company, products, and services on your page, no one will be aware that your Page even exists. After that, you should be ready to win over additional fans. To get followers you can:

  • Share the company’s page on your personal profile

  • Add the LinkedIn icon to the rest of your social media icons

  • Ask your employees to update their profiles with the company’s page

  • Invite connection to follow your page
  • LinkedIn Marketing
    LinkedIn marketing is the practice of utilising LinkedIn to network, create leads, raise brand recognition, encourage collaboration and business relationships, exchange information, and increase website traffic. For excellent marketing – LinkedIn for startup businesses offers sponsor Updates and premium subscriptions allowing more reach out, connections and growth.

    The main purpose of LinkedIn is networking. You can connect with potential clients and customers and make your brand voice high. It’s a terrific networking tool to use LinkedIn Groups. Since these are closed discussions, whatever you write there won’t be shown on your profile. The fact that you cannot join with your Company Page is the sole disadvantage for businesses. But you can share your company’s page content there.

    Update Profile With LinkedIn Analytics
    In all seriousness, you need precise and fast data analysis if you want to measure your marketing goals. You can learn the fundamentals from LinkedIn’s built-in analytics.

    The Final Words
    As nothing can be achieved easily, LinkedIn for startup businesses can leverage great benefits only when the business is putting in effort, time and work. The few things you should keep in mind are – Consistency, Quality Content and Promote. Remember to promote and share your earlier posts. There will be rivalry as LinkedIn’s content creation increases by 60% in 2020. Your stuff is still welcome; just be sure to share it frequently.