TiE Global Summit is a three day virtual conference of world leaders, entrepreneurs, investors & mentors. We believe that this summit will unleash a wave of positive optimism across the entrepreneurial community globally.

Hosted by Hyderabad Chapter, the Global Entrepreneurship Summit, will be addressed and attended by Government Agencies, Angel Investors, Venture Capitalists, PEs, Global Industry Leaders, Global Wealth Entrepreneurs, Thought Leaders, Academia, Nobel Laureates, Policy Makers, and TiE Members from Global Chapters.

Why should you attend?

Meet Your Prospective Customers
The TiE Global Summit is a platform where 20,000+ brightest and successful entrepreneurial minds from 25+ countries converge. Your prospective customer would not be far away.
Gain Access To VCs, Angels, PEs
With a chance to pitch your ideas to 250 investors with investment potential of $10Mn to $500Mn. The platform is set for you to raise funds for your idea or startup.
Forge New Partnerships & Alliances
As more than 20,000 entrepreneurs gather, network with like-minded people and form strong partnerships to pave the way for success.
Access Mentors and Advisors
Listen to industry speakers, attend one to one interactive sessions and get insights to make your startup thrive.

TGS 2020 Summit
Dec 8-10, 2020
Non-stop 60 hour,
24X7 summit.

World’s Largest Entrepreneurial Summit to be attended by 20,000 Entrepreneurs across 25+ Countries. Aimed at helping them meet new prospects, raise funds etc. Register for Free https://tinyurl.com/tgs-r8